Serendipity in Stripes.

Patterned Denim for Spring...and fish or efficiency?

Well we are currently on Spring Break, which in my mind every year means 9 days to get my act together.  This year this includes editing my closet and listing items on Poshmark, gutting the basement and boys room - and forcing them to help me, because in my mind I am teaching them to fish right?  but in reality it's the worst idea, I am so much more efficient on my own.  Fish?  or Efficiency?  

I have a love/hate with efficiency.  I LOVE it when I am efficient, but I hate that I am always striving for it, and too often measuring my success by it.  It's a silly goal adapted from a too busy life, at least this is the case for me.  

So maybe we just sit and fish.  I will probably need an afternoon nap, and an evening cocktail, because the other side to letting them fish is maddening.  update:  because this post took 5 days to actually post, we are only conquering their bedroom, why bite off more than we can chew, and it also took mid-cleaning rootbeer float breaks and the promise of extra screen time, now i know what movitates... and folks, we.are.almost.done!

Of course you know I am mixing into spring break several movie nights and snuggling, also ice cream sundaes, sleeping in, and mini adventures - like helping mama make returns and buying our kitten a collar - hey it's all how you spin it, because it's also raining for the next 8 days straight.  

We got this.  

Oddly enough as I was going through past photos (another spring break goal is organizing and figuring out a storage system that will last for decades, UGH - anyone else find this completely overwhelming.)  I happened upon these from last year, and outfit shoot that was never posted, AND just so happen to be wearing these exact pants today, different denim jacket.  Serendipity in stripes?  I think so.  Pretty much every time you add stripes the odds are in your favor.

serendipity:  an unplanned, fortunate event.  the occorrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.   

They are definitely going in the keep pile.  

Patterned denim is popping up a lot this spring, I saw a pair of floral print denim jeans just last week and I was immediately transported back to some timeframe before I had a mortgage payment, can't quite pinpoint when I was rocking those but I totally did, it was totally nostalgic.  How about a matching floral print denim jacket?  Oh now that would be fun.  And a scrunchy in my hair.  

If you aren't quite ready for leopard or floral print denim, just stick to stripes.  Not sure how to wear them, well in the warmer months it's easy peasy - just add a white, coral, blue, turquoise, floral, black, gray...tee or tank, and a fave sneaker or sandal.  Done.

Even a comfy sweatshirt works with this one, and sneakers.  That's what I wore today.  

They really are so easy and I love the interest they add to my outfit.  

t-shirt - Not Monday c/o
jeans - Lucky Brand, you can still find them here.
sandals - Cocobelle c/o

and a few more striped situations to tempt you...

thanks for reading my rambles today.



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