Lovely way to start the day...

Wouldn't this be a lovely way to start this Monday...

because I am loving that blueberries are finally in season

and Completely Craving madeleines after reading this article, and no longer afraid of failure, will definitely be making these as soon as I get a hold of a madeleine pan, and some free time...

{via Martha Stewart Sept "11 issue}

lets eat these while watching this sunrise over Provence France {of course!}

{via Betterphoto.com}

while snuggled up on this hammock, because I imagine sunrises to have a chill in the air...

then off to have my toenails painted this color ...

{via butter LONDON}
because they are dreadfully passed needing a pedicure and I have a crazy week ahead finishing up for a fabulous show Crave, {do you know it??} and well my toes should be done and well they keep getting pushed lower and lower on the list.  

Instead my day is starting off with email difficulties {its still not fixed so please contact us via our facebook page

Oh, and please check out our kickoff promotion - and enter {just don't email us your entry today ;)}

Happy Monday.


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