wedding jewelry worn again...

Sometimes I wish there were a reason {or excuse} to put my wedding dress back on, but without reason or excuse I'm going to have to accept that as much as I love my wedding dress, it just won't suffice for any holiday party this season. I do though, have some things from my wedding day that can and do translate to my every day style. First on that list,  you guessed it I'm sure, my amazing Lucia K. jewelry. I can (and do) wear it again. I get the most compliments on those Lucia K. custom pieces when I'm in a meeting or roaming the streets of the U district on lunch breaks.

Not only did Kirsty create something that so brilliantly complimented my dress and other accessories on that day, she also made something that I was comfortable (and excited) to keep wearing again and again and again. Check out the outfit I wore just the other day...

{JCrew cream sweater, TJ Maxx shirt, skinnys, frye favorite boots, greenish scarf, and lovely Alison earrings named after...ME!}

I have always been a girl who believed that pearls didn't have to be worn in a single strand around your neck or as studs in your ears for a special occasion. I have also always been a girl that couldn't find anything that fit my style and had pearls in it...until Lucia K. This is the sort of wedding jewelry that you can wear throughout your whole marriage, wedding day, honeymoon, date night, work day, holiday. If you're planning a wedding, contact Lucia K. and ask to see our Wedding Line or check out the rest of the pearl goodness on our website!

-Ali {for Lucia K.}