salty and sweet.

what do you do with free afternoon when its pouring down rain?

how about homemade cheeze-its and chocolate truffles.  I think so.  especially when you just happen to have all the ingredients.

I saw these and that's all I needed.  they did not disappoint.  I love the idea of cheeze-it crackers, but dislike the weird aftertaste and film they leave in your mouth.  these crackers were super delicious, everything is better warm from the oven right?  plus I made them with whole wheat flour and added a little flaxseed.  

next time I plan to make with Beechers flagship cheese, maybe a little rosemary...  I am definitely jumping on the homemade cracker band wagon.

next...tarragon merlot chocolate truffles and vanilla sea salt truffles, Giada got this right.  my friend made these and shared the other day, such a treat. 

I am really starting to love the addition of herbs to sweets and cocktails.  plus the fact that this recipe is super easy and I have tarragon sprouting up in my herb garden.  I'll admit, I only used half the tarragon asked for, I was a little chicken, not sure I would go all the way.  it brought a fresh light slightly complex taste to these truffles.  fantastic.

for the sea salt truffels I used the same recipe and substituted the seeds scraped from 1 vanilla bean for the tarragon, and doubled the sea salt.  delish.  

I might be convinced to try rosemary and vanilla bean truffles next time.  don't even get me started on how much I love rosemary lemonade thanks to twirl.  so maybe it would work?

I decided to pack some up and share with a friend.  

my littlest was quite intrigued, he and his brother devoured most of the crackers.  I did not share the truffles.

what a great afternoon!

happy friday.


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