what i wore vegas part 1

vegas edition #1

sun protection.

this was probably around 9am and it is already hotter than most summer days in Seattle.  crazy.  on our walk to Starbucks for "breakfast" before we headed to the pool for a couple hours, which was all we could stand in the heat.

on the plane trip down, I bought Glamour magazine, and actually read the articles.  well made the mistake of reading one on sun protection and skin cancer.  heading to mid 90's Vegas.  oops.  probably good though because I was very aware of taking care of my skin in the sun and heat, its not the same as when I was younger.  but I do so worship the sun and a good tan.

hat - h&m
sunglasses - marc by marc jacobs, nordstrom 
earrings - Lucia K. {summer line coming soon, hand painted chevron chain, awesome!}
shirt - zara {they have an actual store in vegas!}
shorts - lucky {old}
flip flops - rainbow
and bright orange painted toes, yippee!

new sunglasses were my vegas treat.  love that they are sorta retro.  took all I had, and some encouragement from the hub not to go with my usual "big" sunglasses.  glad I didn't though.

and this is just about as close as I think I will ever come to posting a bikini picture online.  here we are at the pool, I LOVE my new swimsuit.  it had been quite a number of years since I had purchased a new swimsuit {maternity doesn't count and that has been the majority of the last few summers of my life}.  who knew that support and stripes could look this good.  worth a little investment.  just like jewelry. thrilled.

swimsuit - J.Crew

happy wednesday!


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