what i wore {boots and earrings double timing}

couple outfits that I wore this week.  i've noticed that if I find something i like, I wear it repeatedly until I get my fill, and then move on to my next fave.  i do this with recipes too.  it must have to do with my lack of organization in my life.

well anyways.  here are two different outfits, same boots and earrings in both.  of course they are high on my current favorite list.
this tunic I actually got in the summer and wore with sandals, boots, now tights, belted, not-belted.  good mileage here.  its a little short in the front without tights but the longer length in back helps prevent flashing others.  and its comfy.

new boots.  i have been looking forever for booties.  you know that item that just looks soooo great on everyone else you see wearing it but when you try them on, goofy?  well that has been my experience with booties but I just sooo wanted them.  these are the closet I am going to get.  I had to send a couple of my stylish friends a picture text to get encouragement that i could pull them off.  now i'm kind of in love.  don't you love smartphones for this feature?!

and my earrings.  doesn't the ombre look so fun hanging in my ears?  every time i wear them, at least one person will stop and want to take a closer look at my earrings.  each pair is hand-painted, your own little original masterpiece.

tights - target

outfit #2 - lets talk high wasted skirts.  they make your legs look nice and long.  they give those shirts that are fabulous if not just too short a new life.  and with tights its totally appropriate all winter.

i am very much in need of a haircut and style.  but i have been so patiently growing my hair out, i just don't want to have any length cutoff.  however, when I see these photos I realize how badly i need to make an appt.  ugh.

boots again.  and tights too i guess.

and my ombre earrings.  this outfit is quite neutral, i thought that the earrings added a perfect bit of color and kept everything from being too washed out.

 coat - diesel 
shirt - gap
skirt - skirt, h&m

happy wednesday.



  1. Those boots are great! And I totally thought that was a dress in the second outfit, not a shirt & skirt. Cute looks, both!

    1. thanks Amanda! I have worn those boots so much since I bought them, was a great purchase, glad you like too.

  2. I so love the pattern of that tunic top! It definitely makes your outfit out of the ordinary!

    1. the pattern totally sold me, totally agreed! thanks Rachel

  3. Love those boots!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog today, and I love your style. I was wondering about the grey scarf. I saw you said where you got it, but when I went to the website, I couldn't look at specific items. Do you know what brand it is? Thanks!

    1. Hi Allison, thanks for following! love that scarf, I wear it atleast 3times a week. the brand is "spun by subtle luxuries".