what i wore

i had three nights in a row with fun events, naturally i wore the same dress all three nights.  hey, if its not broke, why fix it right?

the thing is often i am lucky to get out of the house with washed hair, makeup on, add in shaved legs and lipstick, and thats quite big.  and each event was with different people, so duplication was completely acceptable.

outfit first round - a Lucia K. trunk show at my favorite local boutique for their friends and family event.  if you don't know about this bi-annual event and you live in seattle, you need to.  i was going for hip.  don't tell me if i got it our not.  and copper with navy is a fave combo.

dress - French Connection, Queen Anne Dispatch {this is the only place i have found the dark navy dress}
tights - Target
bracelet - Lucia K. Nora Crystal and Silk Ombre {doubled up}

outfit round two - a double date, drinks with friends.  so the dress is actually a dark dark navy.  so this time i paired it with navy tights and hematite earrings and black shoes.  more cool colors.

tights - Anthropologie

outfit round three - saved the best for last.  9th anniversary dinner with my husband.  rockin it {super} short with no tights for the occassion.  and my little helper.

{all the same items mixed together again.  lets not be redundant}

and one more outfit so you know i don't always wear the same thing.

i am obsessed with this infinity scarf.  its so cozy and a great dark gray with tiny little gold glitter in it.  and its a perfect pair with these earrings.  if you are wanting to wear more gold but a little unsure, these are the perfect start.  gold chain painted with white, so you get a glimmer without too much flash.

shirt - H&M
lace tanktop - Nordstrom Rack
jeans - Seven for all Mankind
shoes - Cole Haan
scarf - Spun, Queen Anne Dispatch

hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with those they love and enjoy.

happy tuesday.



  1. Well, you really did rock that dress! I love it without the tights. Wish I could wear a dress that short with bare legs. My legs are not my greatest asset unfortunately.

    I also really love the last outfit. Very pretty and cozy. The scarf is fabulous. I want one.

  2. That dress is awesome! And I really like the white t/lace cami and jeans option as well! I fall into the t-shirt rut and never think to add the lace cami option. I found your blog via pinterest! I'll be a talker now ;) I also have curly hair which is yet another reason I'll be creepin'! Fun blog!!