what i wore {California part 1}

Yay!  we are in California for some much needed vacation time and family time, with a little bit of work mixed in as well.

there are a few rules I have for California.

1. no socks.

2. must eat mexican food every single day.

i had this grand plan to take pictures of all the outfits I was going to pack.  but it is always a mad-dash-last-minute-hope-everythings-clean-throw-in-suitcase-packing-job.  aka absolutely no time to stop and take pictures.  seriously what was I thinking?!

outfit #1 - the only outfit I planned.  this is the outfit I decided to pack for church.

headband - made by her {not intended for Cali wear, just to tame non-washed hair in this photo}
shirt - Splendid, Nordstrom Rack
jacket - AG Jeans
skirt - Anthropologie
earrings - Lucia K. Tag
necklaces - Lucia K. Faye Knotted Ball and Blake Painted Chain

when we go to CA, we love going to the Little Church by the Sea, it rarely disappoints.  and I will say the darling children's Christmas pageant and sermon were spot on this week.  such a tough job to speak of celebrating JOY - the 3rd Sunday of Advent and still acknowledging the pain and sorrow and trajedy of Connecticut.  highly recommend this sermon.

and of course when near LA I must visit the bead district.

outfit #2 - {looking slightly familiar to above} Lucia K. Jewelry scouting...

 soooooooo much to look through...

my husband and sister-in-law came with me.  good to have others to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off.

shirt - Splendid, Nordstrom Rack
jean jacket - AG Jeans
jeans - Vioss, Nordstrom Rack
shoes - Dolce Vita, Anthropologie
headband - vintage trim tied around my head for curl-control
purse {just because when do I ever have a purse in my photo!} - hobo international

I'm so excited for my spring/summer collection, can't wait to get home and get working on it.  although I can.  also looking forward to more quality time with family and friends.  and spending time remembering the reason for this holiday season.

happy wednesday.


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  1. Looks fun! The fashion district is so huge I was totally overwhelmed, I hope you found some good stuff :)