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Ali here.

Kirsty has a way of persuading me to do things I normally would never do. case in point...these blog posts. The whole "week by week baby bump pictures" not so much my style....then I got pregnant and I found myself looking in my closet asking "what in here can I possibly make work with this bump?" It's like I lost some sense of what to wear. Do you feel this way?

So we bring to you—dressing the bump—believe me, I'm not an expert or a stylist or as fashionable as Kirsty, but if we can offer any inspiration (like which lkj necklace looks best with a bump under it) then it was all worth it. Check back weekly for more pics on dressing the bump.

top: wilster apparel (old) . jeans . boots scarf: h&m (old) . earrings

FOUR quick steps to making dressing during maternity easier...

1. Call Your Friends (the ones with the style you love). Borrow borrow borrow (and whatever you end up purchasing save for your girlfriends).

2. Utilize Your Craftiness. Hit up Nordstrom Rack or your local Marshalls in search of designer jeans (one size larger than normal). Take the waste band out and sew in a belly band. After delivery sew the waste band back for great post-pardum jeans.

3. Purchase The Basics. You can decide what this means for you...for me it meant splurging on a supportive bra, some quality tanks, and a couple go to tops that will last me through the entire pregnancy.

4. Make Long Lasting Purchases. Search for items that are not "maternity" but will work for some if not all of your pregnancy. Search for things you could maybe wear when your body goes back to normal.

*I realize everyone gains weight differently during pregnancy...so share with us what works (or worked) for you

Do you have any tips to make dressing during pregnancy easier?? 

What did you miss most in your wardrobe when you got pregnant?

til next week...


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