what i wore {bringing color back}

ah who doesn't love a cozy sweater.

so I loved my brightly colored jeans in the summer, but couldn't quite bring them into my winter wardrobe.  pairing them with black just felt too harsh of a contrast.  {in fact looking at my outfit posts, I rarely wear black.}  then I came upon this sweater at the anthropologie sale this last week, and I almost didn't get it.  it was one of those ok-whats-the-final-total-before-i-decide, and well you know the outcome.  but when I got home I realized how well this would work as a "neutral" with my brightly colored jeans. 

and since I had plenty of color on below, I wore the simply stated Blake earrings in white and gold.  have you seen these earrings made the front earring page on amazon.com/fashion!  I love how they have a subtle glimmer.

sweater - Anthropologie {on sale!}
tank - Anthropologie {old}
jeans - Ae.com {this style but color no longer available}
shoes - Dolce Vita {on sale!}

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happy wednesday.



  1. the bright pants in winter look AWESOME! what a great idea!

    dash dot dotty

  2. Love the heels. The color of your pants really pops when surrounded by neutral tones. I love the texture contrast your earrings have with your beautiful curly hair. You're so fortunate to look the way you do, I bet you always look fantastic.