what is that velvet

I am totally that girl that looooves wearing a new outfit.

new velvet leggings.  think I can correctly say I have never worn velvet leggings.  it took me a long time to get on board with all the crazy pants in style.  but obviously I'm ok with it now.

do you see the plastic wrap on my windows?  that's because I refuse to replace the original leaded glass windows in my house, that also are very thin single paned.  {praying they make it through my boys' adolescent years.}  so for the few winter months here, the top floor panes are wrapped in plastic.  and legs always look better at an angle.  

layered Faye necklaces.  {ok not new but just right}

my new wool hat.  

that I can do cool poses in like this.

hat - Collection XIIX, Nordstrom
shirt - Anthropologie {on sale}
leggings - AG Jeans, Anthropologie {on sale}
shoes - Cole Haan {old}
necklace - Lucia K. Faye 3 strand and Faye Knotted Chain




  1. Those leggings and hat are so "Downton Abbey"-ish. Love them :)

  2. Love them too. In fact I wore black Reiss velvet pants today. They feel so damn luxurious. Love your posts, keep them coming. As a fellow curly lady, it's always great to see your tips, tricks and style kicks.