how about a little swapping {what i wore}

my friend recently hosted a clothing swap.  i couldn't wait to attend.  especially because she's a great shopper and budding professional stylist, it was like a peek into her fabulous closet.

how to host a clothing swap, basic steps...
1.  invite your friends.
2.  have your friends bring clothes that they no longer wear a.k.a. they don't make them feel great when they put them on.  {make this optional.  you don't want your friends to think they can't come empty handed!}
3.  hopefully go home with some new-to-you items that make you feel fabulous.

a few other items to create a successful swap.

delicious bites to munch on, trying on clothes creates an appetite am i right?  and bubbly is oh so nice.  plus you want everyone to mingle and have time to peruse all items.

have places to hang clothing items and clothes hangers.  {my friend rented racks from our local rental store.  they were quite inexpensive.}  color coded ribbon helped to keep track of who brought what.  also a place to try on clothes, and full-length mirrors for approval.  it seemed that a mirror out of the main mingling area was nice for those who preferred a bit more privacy.

doesn't Jenn have an amazing house?  love the leaded glass windows and gold radiators.  

we also had a mini trunk show with Lucia K. Jewelry, so ladies could try on accessories with their items.  and purchase of course!  Also Jenn brought in some mannequins to show how outfits can come together easily and effortlessly.

Jenn thought of everything!  finally, she coordinated with a local consignment shop to pick up all un-swapped items.

 sweater - Shopruche.com {old}
booties - Kelsi Dagger {for the bajillionth time, love these} Queen Anne Dispatch
headband - vintage trim
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry {not available yet...}

it was a great evening.  great conversation with friends.  yummy food and drink.  and I came home with a couple of great additions to my wardrobe.

what a great way to pass on items that you love but just don't quite love enough, to share them with friends.

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happy wednesday.



  1. I have thought about doing a sway lots of times. It looks like SO much FUN!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a great swap! I'd love to do that with my friends, but we're all very different sizes. :-\

    Also, I LOVE your maxi dress. :)

    1. amanda, yes this is definitely the tricky part, we were all different sizes too, but luckily there was a variety, and some things looked better on one size person vs. another. you could also do an accessory swap...

  3. Great look! Love the headpiece and semi boho look!


  4. Love this idea. I did a home decor swap once. We all had THE best time. So fun!
    I just might try this next!