back to school sale {I don't wanna be left out of the fun!}

today as I am working on monograms there are so many wonderful back to school moments happening with those I know.

and I sit here and reminisce...man does the phrase "back to school"  bring back such wonderful memories.

I'm totally the kid that loved. loved. loved. back to school.  the shopping for new clothes {hello no brainer}.  new school supplies {it was before my dream that this will be the year of organization fell short and everything was pretty and shiny}.  socializing with all my friends that I hadn't seen over the summer.

man how I would plan and agonize over that first day of school outfit, hairstyle, shoes.

and now as a mom, this is my last fall that I won't have a back to school child.  oh my lord that makes my stomach flip at the thought.  so I am determined to relish in every single little moment.  or at least try my very hardest to eat them up daily.

and really who needs a reason for a sale.  so without anything further.

30% off the monogram bracelet.  ends 8.22.13.  enter bts30 before checkout.

happy back to school.  happy shopping.


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