the bar method {what I love}

so keeping with the theme of booties from the last two posts - now I am talking booty. as in your backside.  specifically the beauty of Bar Method

originally i went to the Seattle-Eastside Bar Method Studio, with the intent to go for two months and jump start getting into shape.  after 3.5 years straight of being pregnant or breastfeeding, it was time.  now or never.   taking advantage of the new client first month special, and a free month I had won at an auction, I thought I can stick this out for two months and be done.  that was a over a year ago.

So yes, I love it.  background - this coming from a girl who hasn't worked out regularly in her life.  always thought endorphins were a myth.  I really don't like to sweat.  recently bought my first pair of tennis shoes in over ten years.  correction - actually I bought them a year ago, just broke them in during our move.

here are my top 14 reasons why I love Bar Method, because I couldn't narrow it down to 10.

1. its super efficient - I go on average 3x a week.  you work your muscles intensely and quickly.  I don't have time or the attention span for long workouts.  1 hour including stretching.

2. its beautiful - long graceful lines and techniques, with instructors who give you personal attention every single class.

3. long and lean - my legs are fierce and my backside is so happy.  my arms and shoulders are sculpted.  stretching is incorporated throughout the workout to keep your muscles lengthened.  somehow it keeps you from bulking up, your muscles become toned and long and lean.  I swear.

4. the studio mimics a spa.  its gorgeous.  the Seattle and Redmond studios are gorgeously decorated, and impeccably clean.  no detail is overlooked.  glassy baby candles are perfectly placed.  the owners Maika, Bev, and Luke, as well as the other instructors, are always warm and welcoming.

5. you always workout to fabulous tunes.

6. no shoes - just comfy socks.

7. you get to pretend you are a ballerina, for a few graceful moments while stretching at the barre.

8. the better you get at bar - the harder it gets.  the better you get at the technique, the harder and deeper you can work your muscles.  there is no plateau.  you just get lower and keep tucking.

9. you have to deep breathe.  hello, how often throughout the day do I forget to breathe.  for real.  it clears your head.

10. I have abs muscles.  a core.  legit.  never thought after two kids that my stomach would be more tone that it has ever been.

11. my butt.  did I mention my backside yet?  I had previously resolved that my backside would always be as it was, my never changing problem area.  but dare I say its smaller, peppier, happier, toned.

12. it is completely therapeutic in my state of constant chaos.  I have an endorphin rush and I am invigorated after a workout.  and sore.  who knew?!

13.  back dancing.

14. I. Love. Food.  {if you follow me on instagram you already know this}  but especially dessert - baked goods, french pastries and good cheese and cooking with butter.  and chocolate forever.  these will always be a part of my life.

so somehow Bar Method tricks me into an amazing workout.  when I found out we were moving, one of the first things I did was search for the nearest studio, thankfully there was one.  at this stage of the game - health, strength, and energy are very important to me to live a fuller life and keep up with my young boys,  and to feel better about myself.

so what are you waiting for?  get your tuck on.  if you want to try a class for free {in Seattle or Redmond}, email me and I will send you the info.

happy Monday.


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