our blank canvas {around my home}

a large chunk of my time is currently spent settling in and making our new house a home.  so, I thought I would share the beginning of the adventure.

I hope to then share the progress made, or at least some of the journey along the way, in what it means to live in this house and call it home.  

these pictures were taken on moving day into our 1930s beach style cottage.  this was over two months ago.  we were so excited by the blank canvas of this house, never before have we moved into a house that has been newly remodeled, usually we have to remodel along the way.

the kitchen.

it took me a few weeks to get over being dizzy every trip up or down the spiral staircase.

this will be our dining room eventually.  

what i love {and worry will be a complete disaster with the little misters} is the white bright woodwork throughout the space, wood floors and lots of natural light.

I have a wood burning fireplace, and it works!  ironic that I had to move to california to get one of these.  love the big wood mantle.

there it is.  a brief look into the space we now call home.  it is a bit intimidating to know where to begin.  I have definitely been overwhelmed and paralyzed by the enormity of it all.  I don't like to unpack unless I know exactly where things are going to go and what I am going to do and it almost always involves some sort of project.  and I have two busy little helpers. and then there is the rest of life happening at that same time.  so as you can imagine, we haven't gotten very far.

here's to celebrating little victories along the way,

happy monday.


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