tribal hunt

confession time:  this is usually how an obsession starts for me.  I spy someone looking fabulous.  in this case - a fellow soccer mom had this awesome long, like past the knees, tribal print sweater.  it was slimming but substantial, great print.  and the daydreaming begins.  hers was from last season = no longer available.  but I'm a hunting...

this was what I found in the billabong store.  good fit but not long enough.

this is the one I am loving, but I feel like its too big.  especially in this milder climate I'm in.  NYC for sure.  SoCal, perhaps not.  but its still my current fave so stay tuned.  nevermind my fuschia shirt and crazy hair. 

these are other sweaters options...
1} although more of a jacket than a sweater, I love the leather detailing and the print, the oversized collar and structure.
2} I am always a sucker for cuffs.  and fringe.  currently sold out. boo.
3} not sure I love this print, but the length is great, and the price.

1} love this oversized collar on the sweater, and the cuffs again.  I will definitely be trying this one.
2} oddly, this is the sweater I am wearing up above, a lot baggier on the model.
3} great print, could be long enough.  forever 21 can be a hit or miss.  worry about the wearing quality...

1} this color combo is fantastic, and a great fit.  if this sweater were below the knees it would be the front runner.
2} again over sized collar and cuffs, and although not long I really like it.
3} could this be a more fitted version of my love up above?

so this quest continues.  any suggestions??  which is your favorite?

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  1. i love the first #3 or the first #2 but it's out of stock : ( super cute!!

  2. Shared on FB...check!

  3. Following on Instagram...check!

  4. So....I'm having trouble getting this last comment on...I just signed up for emails. :) Love the earrings! So cute!!