The city limits.

If you follow me on instagram {please do! thekirstyfiles}, you may have seen this outfit already.  it just keeps coming back out.  And if you saw weds post, then you can see I am on a pajama roll, another comfortable-could-sleep-in outfit.

It is an interesting thing, living in a beach town vacation destination because you are constantly reminded that you are NOT in fact on vacation.

As you are sitting ever-sooooo-patiently at the beach ave crosswalk, while multiple vacationers stroll across in both directions, because you need to get to preschool on time to pick up your children.  They clearly have not a care in the world, nor do they think to synchronize their crosswalking, or perhaps pause for the cars that do indeed need to drive in this town.

Or driving down PCH in the evening seeing everyone enjoying a night out and a good meal, not a one having to load the dishwasher.

I do however enjoy the people watching, specifically the fashion.  There is a lot of it.  And I am beginning to wonder if I am starting to be a bit liberal with my spring break attire.  The fact that many of these fashionistas are a decade or more {!} younger than me.  These shorts are right on the line of mid-thirty appropriate.  But i figure as long as I stay within the city limits I am okay.

Just a quick mention of my sandals.  I love them, they have been a summer standard for multiple years now.  I am on the hunt to find a similar pair, these bottoms are wearing thin.  The perfect amount of wedge, not too much that you can't wear them all the time, flattering straps up the sides but below the ankle.  They zip up the back which is awesome and they are darn cute.  Dolce Vita make them again please!!

sweatshirt - Billabong, Thalia St. {also here, I sized up to a medium for more slouch factor}
shorts - Brandy Melville {no longer available}
shoes - Dolce Vita {old}
sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs {old}
earrings - Lucia K. Tag

here are a few similar that I am thinking about...



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