insta friday

it was a good, albeit busy week.  I love instagram, it is my catchall for small and big moments in my week, and someday I am going to use persnickety prints to print them all and make an amazing project.  #todolist

if you want to follow along on my moments, I'm thekirstyfiles.

my newest necklace design with vintage and recycled silver and leather.  Haven't quite managed to upload to the website and only have two left.  If you are interested email me! 

sam edelman suede sandal

dolce vita jumpsuit
Heading to Lady Gaga in my Dolce Vita jumpsuit and shoes of the moment.

dolce vita slip on sneaker
Another pair of shoes that are on the top of my list and on sale.

If we can't have rain, we will draw it, in sidewalk chalk, that never gets washed away because we have no rain.  #ironic?

Montana fry-bread {okay this is from the week prior I admit}.  It is off the charts yummy, how could it not be - white flour and lard fried and slathered in honey butter.  dress.  booties.

Moose sighting.

so very rare we are both dressed up AND stop to take a great picture.

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