Happy Halloween. Cheese cloth ghosts chandelier. A DIY.

cheesecloth ghosts

Well true to form these ghosts do not photograph well...annnnd it would probably help if I had Angie's amazing skills present, instead of just me, myself and my trusty iPhone.  Really though, these are one of my favorite Halloween decorations, and they are so fun, albeit messy, to make with the kiddos.  So pin this one away for next year.  Sorry its next to impossible for me to plan ahead.

We just do this basic DIY with balloon-in-a-cup forms, but maybe next year we will get a little fancier like Martha does.

diy ghosts

cheese cloth ghosts

Once dry, I let the boys draw eyeballs in permanent marker.  There were a couple of them that got slightly smooshed on a field trip to school for sharing day.  It's part of their endearment now.  Use clear fishing line to hang as you please.    

diy halloween ghosts

Tips I've learned.

-Don't dilute the stiffener, it needs to be full-strength 

-Before laying the cheesecloth on top of the balloon-in-cups to dry, spray the balloons with a little oil.  Keeps them from sticking, so much easier to remove once dry.

-Put a large plastic bag down first {is this a no-brainer?  took me a try}, to keep from stiffening everything within arms reach.

-supplies - Amazon, of course, is your one-stop shop. cheeseclothfabric stiffener 9" balloons {we blew them up only part way} but really any craft store should have all of these supplies.

halloween decorations

Are you kidding me?  I can never ever erase this chalkboard.  The most darling Happy Halloween of all time, those little hands.  I'm totally biased.

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Happy Halloween!


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