Girlfriends Gift Guide Part 1.


This part 1 of my gift guide dedicated to my girls.  The ladies who have been with me through a lot of life, the thickest parts, the best parts, the daily grind.  A text away when I need advice on which shoes to wear, or to encourage me to breathe when motherhood has gotten the best of me. 

Warning...I'm feeling sentimental, feel free to skip ahead...

The friend who carried your mattress on top of their head along side you in the middle of the night as you move into your first place together post college, and then break into a spontaneous dance party because Missy Elliot starts playing on the radio.

Or the friend who sends you homemade cookies in the mail and fresh jam from the local farmers market when you are feeling homesick.

Has driven across the city to chase a sunset with you.

Has gotten in a pistachio pudding food fight with you, and can still laugh about it.

Is super excited to come help you organize your craft room/workspace/guest room for the umpteenth time.

No brainer to go barefoot together down a city street, as you have been caught in a downpour and there's no way you are ruining your suede shoes.

Crochets you a headband and embellishes it with a cherished vintage button from their grandmother's collection.

Is always up for a sample sale adventure, and even brings snacks and water in her purse.

Sends you the most thoughtful handwritten card just when you need it most.

Has your favorite cocktail waiting for you when you arrive to hang out after a long day.

An acquaintance you run into at a local coffee shop and you both suspiciously order decaf, fast forward 9 months, your baby boys are born 3 days apart and so starts the beginning of your journey through motherhood together.

Genuinely asks to see MORE pictures of your children.

Invites you and your kids over to make pizza while the husbands are on a boys weekend, with a sink full of dirty dishes, pjs on, and plenty of chocolate on hand, no need to put on a show, you can just be.  

As years have gone by, we don't often exchange extravagant gifts anymore.  The majority of my current present shopping is for males, who I adore, but don't totally appreciate polka-dots and the best new lipstick.  

So these are tokens of the best girly girliness for my ladies, to tell them that I don't take them for granted, and to remind them to pamper themselves in small ways daily.  They deserve it!  without breaking the bank.

"For Your Mistletoes."

My favorite polishes

Butter London - I love the colors.  My three favorite are "All Hail the Queen," A fashionable gray with subtle sparkle.  "Yummy Mummy," great nude with subtle sparkle.  "Come to Bed Red,"  a perfect red.  Their base coat is so genius because it has a matte neutral color that you can even wear on its own, or it makes the perfect primer for your polish.  And they do not add formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP.  less chemicals the better.  Buy a gift pack and split it up, this is a great way to give a small gift for a bargain price.

Essie - Great colors and their polish lasts without chipping.  I wear "Wicked" all the time {wearing it on my nails in this post}, I just think its the perfect winter color.  How about the Matte finish for your fashion forward girlfriend.  Or this darling kit to split amongst the gals.

"For Your Sugar Plums."

Anything wrapped up like a striped candy has got to be special right?  These are my picks for your candy wrapped package of love.

My very favorite lip gloss is the perfect gift, and its 5$ right now, for some reason its on sale.  I am in denial that it may be discontinued.  Sometimes I just want a super clear super high gloss, that isn't crazy flavored or scented, and doesn't make my lips sticky or chapped.  This is it.  And every woman can appreciate a great clear gloss.  For those moms out there who aren't to be bothered with a lot of makeup right now.  This is your moment of pampering.  No excuses.  They do have 21 colors but I stick to clear.

Anastasia Brow Highlighter Pencil - this makes you look like you got a great nights sleep, whether you did or not.  Its not just great for your brows but the entire eye.  The two colors choices work for most everyone.  Apply under the eye, at the inside corner, and just under the outside bottom edge of eye, then add a touch of shimmer to the lid, blend with finger.  Done.

Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil - for your girlfriends who aren't afraid of color and want to rock a great lipstick, this is the one.  Its easy to wear and apply, its matte and the color selections are fantastic - three solid favorites are Damned, Cruella and Dragon Girl.

Wrapping Paper supplies...

Cellophane Bags - Packaging Specialties has a great selection of quality cellophane bags, they are sold in cases of 100, but really they will become your every gift wrapping need.  Or split them with a friend.

Chevron Ribbon is from May Arts.

How to make pom-poms.  So easy, so fun, add some tinsel to make them sparkly.

Thank you to all my girlfriends, I love you so.  



  1. love this post. love hearing this side of you sweet friend! xx.

  2. I appreciate and love the sparkle and shine you add to life. I look forward to visiting your home and seeing the new monthly calendar, the new nature things you've collected and put on the mantel and walls, and eating a yummy snack like marshmallow popcorn for a movie.
    Thanks girlfriend! Miss Tricia