the forgotten cargo and lacy black skirt.

I hate to admit this but often times I forget what great pieces I have in my closet.  Two parts always on the hunt for that specifically amazing item on my wantlist dreaming up ways I'd wear it, one part I err on the side of managed chaos and disorganization.  

Neither of these things am I proud of, what self-help book is going to fix me?!  Not so sure it exists but I am starting some themes in my weekdays...example:  two-load(s of laundry) tuesdays is going to slowly transform our lives.  right?

So when Angie showed up stylishly dressed, as always, wearing this cargo jacket it jogged my memory that I too owned this gem.  However, hers is amazingly worn in, to the point that I immediately washed mine 2 times to try and gain the same brushed effect, not quite yet. 

Then I wanted to wear a skirt, vaguely feeling like there was something but couldn't quite put my finger on it, I spotted this in the back of my closet, circa 2005.  One of those pieces I have always loved, even remember buying it, sale rack at Anthro, and thru the years held on to, but sadly, it's forgotten in the back of my closet.  Does this happen to anyone else??

What is old is new again. 

sweater - Hinge, Nordstrom (runs large)
skirt - Old, Anthropologie
shoes - Faryl Robin, c/o
earrings- Lucia K. Jewelry

cargo jackets perfect for the season, and under 100$.

and some great little black skirts, not to be forgotten!

photos by Angie.

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