this one feels like a fashion blogger

Every time I refer to myself as a fashion blogger, or that I have a fashion blog, I have a little internal giggle.  Don't get me wrong, I love fashion, and if I actually calculated how often I am thinking about something fashiony, it would not be something to brag about.  Perhaps counseling.  I love seeing what other people are wearing, for better or worse.  I love discussing trends.  I HATE bad footwear.  Ahem, certain brands that should be ashamed of themselves.   

But I am often found wearing the same things, same accessories - if any.  I can often be found with hack sewing jobs done by yours truly in a rush when something needs fixed, for the love I must start paying 12$ for an original hem, honestly!  and I am not not saying that I have on occasion used staples, or double-sided tape and left the house.  I prefer not to spend money on undergarments, hello costco {however I DO believe in getting fitted and wearing the correct bra!}.  My handbag collection is far from a collection.  It's a good week if I wash my hair twice.   And I love bargain basement sales.  And my closet is always in need of organizing. 

It's mostly putting together a complete look with different unique items that I don't wear everyday.    

Currently I happen to have jewelry samples - I haven't sold it all right off my neck.  and Currently I am sort of organized.  Give me a week.  So putting together this outfit was effortless.  and easy.  

About the outfit:  I feel like this outfit is effortless and easy but has a great mood to it.  

These tanks tops - I can't say enough good things, and I am talking plural because I bought a couple, and may buy a couple more.  If you could feel them, they are a great material, so soft, and hang great.  The fit is awesome, love the lower U neck if you will, super flattering, yet snug in the armpits.  Anyone else with me on that long time gone post breastfeeding but can't get rid of side boob area next to the armpit, I don't like to share it with everyone walking down the street.  TMI?  Well it's true.  They are a great price and ship free.  I will say they run a bit small, the tank tops people!

The tassle necklace -  made by me!  I stumbled on some wonderful vintage silver beads, and I recycled some other old silver beads into a new life, combined them with gunmetal chain and nude leather.  Somehow this combination is a knockout in my mind.  I actually only have one left, besides my sample....

tank - Topshop, Nordstrom {run small}
pants - Aritzia {run large}
shoes - FarylRobin, c/o {at Anthropologie}
bag - it's oilcloth and the best for the market, similar
necklace - Tassle: Lucia K. Jewelry {me!}, the other: an oldie from a HS bestie
ring - ball one: old.  midi - Gorjana c/o

thanks for reading my "fashion blog."


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