Today I am Thankful

Today I am Thankful.

family photos

Beyond words really.  Or rather, I can't really put it all into words.

I'm the type of person that has to go on and on and on forever because once I start if I forget anything or anyone I'm thankful for then I end up feeling crappy for leaving someone out.  And that seems to ruin the whole point.

So instead, as I sit and wait for my Roasted Sugar Pumpkin Creme Pie to finish baking - adapted from Tom Douglas except I had to wing the crust because I somehow missed the part that I needed to make a freaking pie crust, ugh - to bake in the oven - I thought I'd share our family pictures.

And hopefully tomorrow I will be thankful that I am not eating a costco-bought pumpkin pie, really how is this a phenomenon that so many people love?!  I do not.

Clearly I am crazy thankful, so there's going to be a lot of pictures...scroll as you wish.

family photos on the beach

{shhhh don't tell the docent!  my favorite part is his super dirty jeans, what was i thinking with light gray jeans?!}

give thanks

beach photos

family photo attire

casual family photos
christmas card winner?

In fact, I'm over the moon with these.  The tide pools where these photos are taken is a place we spent a lot of time the last two years, pondering and reflecting, praying and breathing, exploring and laughing, sometimes yelling...getting the boys endless energy out and soaking up our vitamin D.  Originally I loathed, but in the end sand between my toes became therapeutic, the ocean even won me over.

I pray that you all feel true gratitude today in some way big or small.

photos by AngieAndersonPhoto.com, see more of her amazing photos on her website.


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