Sometimes it takes me 5 days but the best summer dress and crazy beach hair.

maxi dress

tie dye maxi

what to wear at the beach

I've been off the blogging bandwagon, but I'm back on.  Sometimes I get blah, blah, blah about it, I start a post and I stop, feeling like I have nothing to say that you guys want to hear.  No biggie, not a real problem.  But nothing like the most amazing dress to get me back on the saddle.

And really it is.

It's beach, it's farmers market, it's picking my kids up at school, it's baby shower, and church, and I'm even going to wear it out to an evening event this week - follow my instagram to see!  accountability.

and it swishy swishes so nicely.

Plus it's the color of the ocean.  I am going through beach withdrawals so this is my little dress of paradise.

What I am trying to say is this dress is an investment, but the wear factor and the comfortability and the stop you on the street vibe...justifies?  I'm going with yes.

Notes on the rest of my outfit:

Ear cuffs, if you want to rent designer jewelry (for less than 20$ a month) check out Rocksbox AND enter thekirstyfilesxoxo for first month free.  It's a little bit addicting.

Backpack, Finn Leather Goods' newest creation.  It took my a while to get on the backpack bandwagon and man this one is tops on my list.

Rose gold aviators.  Rose gold.  done.

beach hair

swimsuit coverup

leather backpack
dress - XCVI, Queen Anne Dispatch.  Also here, and other colors on sale here.
backpack - Finn Leather Goods
sunglasses - Smith, Queen Anne Dispatch.  Also here.
earrings - Rocksbox.  Enter code thekirstyfilesxoxo for a free month.

photos by Angie.

thank you for reading!


  1. Thanks sharing!you look so awesome with your beach maxi dress,that's amazing! i also want buy similar one for traveling. can you give me some advice?

  2. Carlin,
    Thank you for reaching out. XCVI often has great pieces, I also like Pool to Party by Subtle Luxury. Let me keep thinking..