Get your Autumn on. Sweater and Jacket Picks from the Nordstrom Sale.

One of the best feelings is drinking a hot cup of coffee, extra foam wearing a wonderful new favorite jacket, feeling all cozy and chic.

The Nordstrom sale is a great place to find that perfect jacket or sweater for when the days turn cooler.

Here are my sweater picks. Of course I love an oversized cozy piece, but I'm also loving this hip mesh piece, open backs, chic high necks, cowl necks always...

My Coats and Jackets Picks
1. oversized sweater coat, 2. camo always a good choice, and 3. a denim poncho, what?!  4. That leather jacket with an oversized collar was just purchased and I can't wait for it to arrive, I'm hoping it's my very favorite, but then 4. I stumbled upon this sweater vest, seriously!  and then 5. a twist on a classic vest, always a great layering piece.  6, 7 & 8. Give me bold structured tweed and plaid, all day every day for Autumn.

I'm seeing lots of plaid and fringe and standout collars and I like.  What is your favorite trend?

Check out Jenn's blog to see what she's loving for back to school.


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