Filson, A Lasting Legacy. Their new luggage collection

A couple of weeks ago I got to preview Filson's new weatherproof luggage line, and I was very impressed.

Full disclosure, up to this point all of my luggage has come from hand-me-downs or bargain discount sale bins, so it's hard to really complain when the handle snaps or the zipper breaks on the second use, and they are definitely showing their wear.

So, when the time comes and I am ready to invest in luggage, thinking about quality, legacy and wear will be very important.

Filson's new line checked all those boxes and more.  If you are looking to invest in luggage, you should definitely take a trip to the Seattle Flagship store, take a tour too.  It's an amazing storefront and the cherry on top is the lifetime guarantee on their bags, with exclusive one of a kind restored pieces for purchase, so darn good.

Some background on the new line:  Filson partnered with Wickett & Craig to develop their weatherproof luggage using a vegetable tan leather curing process that uses no chemical chromium  but rather extract from trees (through a sustainable process).  They even process all of their own waste water, truly thinking about their footprint on the environment.   This process creates a premium waterproof leather product that only gets better with wear, creating an ever richer patina.  With over 2 centuries of expertise and quality under their belt, both companies carry the badge Made in America.

So no chemicals and environmental sustainability. check.
Truly truly only gets better with age.  check.
Made in America.  check.
Over 2 Centuries of quality craftsmanship.  check.
Lifetime guarantee.  check.

Way to go Filson.  And I'll leave you with my spirit animal.


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