Back to School, Now Back to Barre

Now that all our kiddos are back in the swing of school it's time to take care of yourself.  And for those without monkeys in tow, this one's for you too.  We all need to be intentional with our lives.

And truly we all need to workout.

To stay healthy and age gracefully, being active is key.  For sure there are seasons when we just need to sleep and survive, perhaps chasing littles is our activity.  But eventually I hope you can make space in your life to to take care of you.  There is a lot of people that rely on you, daily.  And in order for you to have that full bank account to fill up all those people that you love, you have to have your own time.  Regularly.

This is for sure true with me.  I am coming up on 5 years of doing Bar Method.  My husband calls Bar my therapy.  That person who never understood working out.  Endorphins?  Sure, if you say so.  And I hate dripping sweat, hate it.  Yet 3-4 times a week somehow I'm totally hooked.

When I started going to Bar I had just emerged for an almost 3.5 year stretch of pregnancies and breast-feeding.  Whoa.  I had a won a free month of Bar in a charity auction, and my husband and I were planning a weekend away.  So I figured hey I'll get a great months worth and feel a little bit better about myself in a bikini.  I remember it feeling like I had to move mountains to line up childcare just to work out.  But everything felt like mountains back then.

So why am I hooked?

First, the studios, it's beautiful and meticulous, and light filled, always with great music playing and smiling faces.  It was a wonderful calming moment in my chaos.

The workout, I noticed a change quickly.  Eventually I had abs.  Can we pause here.  After two very large babies, I have a stronger core than I think I've ever had.  My legs and shoulders are toned.  My butt is always a work in progress.  It's intense in a focused way, the workout not my butt.  I don't have to drip sweat, but you do have to use your breathe a lot and dig deep.  And I am still sore after a workout because the longer you do Bar the harder it gets, because you figure out how to better isolate the muscles you are working on and work them harder.  Their method of isolating and working muscles, then stretching them, is the fabulous formula for trimming and toning.

And I am always more motivated for the rest of my day with much less anxiety.  It's amazes me.  So I stand corrected, apparently I too benefit from endorphins.

I'm not the only one, read why Olivia does bar, and Susan's inspiring momma muscles story.

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I love Bar Method.  And I'm so excited because I get to offer my Seattle and Eastside readers a special offer to love it too.

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  1. Kirsty- thank you for this post! I have been attending Bar Method in the DC area (Vienna, Va to be exact) for quite sometime and feel exactly the way you do! It is my therapy and I love the owner (Shelley Keyes, formerly from Seattle, and all of her teachers! I also found cocoonthego leggings thanks to your blog and have won my one pair often to Bar - and always get compliments on them!

    1. Melanie, I love this!! thank you so much for sharing. Glad you love Bar and Coco too. xo