Sneaker Chic Week Roundup. 4-way Friday

This week Jenn and I have been sharing 4 ways we've been wearing our new Brooks Heritage Vanguard Sneakers.  Whether dressed up with a blazer and skinny jeans, or heading out in a pleather jacket and culottes, hitting the errands hard in overalls, or taking a stroll through the city in a denim skirt.  These new vanguards compliment so many outfits so well.

I love the rich bold colors and the metallic accents, quilted detailing and the use of not your normal fabric.  These shoes get noticed and help you get your day and night done in comfort.

The kicker about these kicks is price point, so much that I am contemplating the teal, I mean teal.

 If you needed an additional reason to purchase, Brooks Running strives to be very intentional in who they are, the company culture includes anytime running breaks - they just happen to be located on a main running/biking trail that runs throughout Seattle, in a building that is LEED platinum certified folks, did you know there was a platinum?!  Read more about it here.

Sneakers sure - but what socks??

A question that often comes up that we have the perfect answer to...  Hands down these are the best sneaker socks either Jenn or I have found.  (Seattlites can find the whole collection at Queen Anne Dispatch.)  They are made of a very thin wool, but not the scratchy kind of wool.  So they are warm but breathable but somehow thin at the same time, and they have the perfect elastic on them, so they stay put.  They don't slide down your heel ever ever ever.  They are discreet in your favorite shoes.  So worth the price tag.  I pretty much hate to wear sneakers or booties without them so much so that I will dig them out of the dirty clothes if needed.  TMI.

Thank you to Brooks for letting us do this collaboration.  We had so much fun and are huge fans of the Vanguard collection.

photos by Jessica.



  1. I love that you included what socks to wear with sneakers. It's so important and always overlooked. You and Jenn look great and the shoes are amazing!

    Bailey | http://www.hotdresshotmess.com

    1. key right? glad you agree with me. Thanks for the kinds words :) xoxo

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