Cheers: Ginger Glow Fizz Cocktail Recipe

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ginger drink recipe

You can hardly call this a cocktail, it's so easy.  That is the beauty of this one, super simple but amazing.  Thanks to Dry Sparkling Ginger Soda a great cocktail doesn't have to be difficult.  

Here's what we did

 Muddle a slice of cucumber, jalepeno, lime wedge and mint with 2oz of Gin.  Add to cup filled with ice and pour in 4oz Dry Sparkling Ginger Soda.  Garnish with lime and cucumber.

We made a batch of these for our Spa Morning, fitting name for a spa day right?  and since it's made with so many wholesome ingredients for sure you will glow.  I also love the presentation of pouring a batch into a tall pitcher with a long sprig of mint inside.  (this is also fabulous when serving water.)  Plus it makes serving a snap.

holiday cocktail recipe

 Photos by Jessica.

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Dry Sparkling graciously provided their holiday bottles, however all opinions are absolutely mine, and I am obsessed with this flavor.

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