Girl with Glasses

girl with glasses

Truth be told, I am excited to finally become a girl with glasses.

I was starting to ask "is this picture blurry?" way too often, contemplating changing my phone settings to the large font.  You know - the large font - so I decided it was time to check reading glasses off the to-do list.

Of course I knew exactly where I was going to get my reading glasses.  Warby Parker.  The price is right, the styles are fabulous and the mission is fantastic.  If you don't have a Warby Parker near you, they have created a wonderfully easy way to try on your faves with their try at home kits, you can read about my experience here.

And when they say you can exchange within 30 days no questions asked, well they mean.  Because I did.  And it was that easy.

warby parker reading glasses

I fell for the clear frames, what I loved about these was the lavender gray color, a great contrast to my blonde hair, and the wide rim shape.  And I was 100% impressed with how easy it was exchange my glasses without any hesitation.  

photos by Angie.



  1. You pull off glasses well :) I really need to get an online glasses dealer for my child. It seems like it would make life easier with changing prescriptions and needing backup pairs.

  2. Thank you! I like how affordable these ones are, and so many great designs. You should check them out!