A Dress on Deck.

Well evening plans changed, I momentarily sported a favorite summer dress before changing into play clothes to hang with the boys.  We, and by we I mean they, jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler and we made peach milkshakes - now as they try to fall asleep, I am spending my evening perusing clothing websites.  I can be the only one who does this to unwind?

Couple things.  I great dress that you feel great in and flatters you should always be on deck in your closet.  Don't wait till you have an occasion, then chances are you won't find one or you will settle.  Keep an eye out, when you find that just right dress consider purchasing it for when it's needed.  And if you love it, you will wear it, with or without "an event" to go to.

Two:  I love ASOS website, because not only do you peruse you get to watch videos of the clothing items.  Which is genius, it absolutely helps me decide whether or not to purchase and it's entertaining, it's like a fashion show in my living room.

Since I made it through all 90 pages, again - I can't be the only one who does this to wind down?  I thought I'd share my favorite dresses.  Take a look, click on the image to see details, watch the videos.  Which do you love?

I'm sensing a theme and loving the color palette.

Photo snapped by my 9yr old :)

Happy Thursday, thanks for reading.


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