Just Winging It.

My boys were not cooperating and I was reminding R of the plan we had made for the day.  This photo tugs at my heart, as a mom I often forget the power I currently have over my children.  It often feels like they aren't listening.  It's so frustrating.  But the love I have for them is like none other.  It's the strangest thing.  Being their mom (and a wife) is the only thing I'm sure of, yet I suck at it a lot.  Always in need of grace and love.  And more love.  

Especially as we are on week 2 of Christmas break.  Today feels a lot like these photos, frustrated and discouraged one minute, next scene laughing and loving.   Frustrated, laughing, discouraged, heart exploding, sure I'm raising entitled brats, er compassionate leaders, for sure monkeys.  Exhausted.  Grateful.  I can't be the only one who has these feelings all in a 10 minute time span??

I think I said something like "you're gonna like it even more when we have to do retakes."  

And somehow they pulled it off.  Those stinkers.  Of course they did.  I mean we even got a bird to participate.  

Kind of fitting considering how often I am winging it as a mother.  Really, that just came to me, couldn't resist.  And so darn true.

family photos at the beach

 my overalls - Free People (i'm obsessed.  I also have them in black, they run large)
nicks pants - Brixton
R and P's sandals - Rainbows

Anyways, just some ramblings, and wanted to share our Christmas card photos.  Love these 3 to pieces. 

Happy last week of 2017.  Don't even get me started.  

Thank you Isaac, for being game to shoot some photos while your sweet wife is on maternity leave.



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