Skipping Rocks

Simple Summer Moments.

I am SURE that the boys have skipped rocks before.  They couldn't remember a time, and neither could I.  But I'm sure this can't be the first time.  No way.

I was so struck by the magic of the light this particular evening.  And the simple moments of discovering how to skip rocks and hunting driftwood that became extraordinary.  At least to this mama, I don't know if the boys particularly feel this way but I'm banking on these memories settling into their hearts to someday be retrieved and cherished.

How lucky we are to live in a place where this exists just over an hour away from our bustling city lives.  This is where I have been this summer, working hard to be present and adventuring with my family.  It's not lost on me that our boys will not want us around much longer, no matter how I woo them with fireside s'mores and my famous campfire bean dip - seriously nothing to it but a heaping dose of ambiance and spinach.  So it's a lot of UNO - which I whole-heartedly prefer over Exploding Kittens, seriously I don't get that game.  And sleeping in a tent (max of TWO nights), I'm all in.  I have even discovered the pleasure of wearing socks with Birkenstocks.

I know. 

Until I am back in full here, you can see more our summer adventures on my instastories

So THANK YOU for continuing to visit my blog.  Expect me back in full force in Sept.  I may get around to posting again this summer but Sept, lets say the 10th,  I think I should make it official by doing a giveaway...mark your calendars, I promise to make is simple and worth it.

Thank you thank you for visiting The Kirsty Files, from the bottom of my heart.


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