Taking a break...

What do you do to rejuvenate yourself?

Besides a glorious day at the spa {if only} and deep breathing {seriously key to my daily survival}, I love to do craft - dare I say "home ec" {do they still even teach that subject??} - projects {I know big surprise} to get all my "re's"...refresh, rejuvenate, regain perspective, remind myself of all my blessings.  And one that has ZERO to do with jewelry, please!

Making Jam

I love anything that takes me home, and anything that involves mason jars.  So when my mother in law {whom I adore and who also enjoys canning, lucky me!} called and said the Shuksan strawberries were at the peak of their season, I was all over it.  Do you know these strawberries?

They are amazing, taste just like a strawberry should, and a gorgeous deep red all the way through.

The jam turned out delicious, so much better than the store bought variety, plus they are in cute mason jars.

Now my jars are very plain, no need to decorate since they are gobbled up almost before the lids have sealed, but oh! the possibilities...So, your turn, here are some great resources to get your canning juices flowing...

{free labels via Black Eiffel}

{free labels via Sweet Preservation}

{free labels and a tutorial via Jones Design Company}

Or perhaps a cookbook for modern canning, becoming so very "in" -  love it!

{via Amazon}

If canning is not your thing, well perhaps just some great ways to use those beloved mason jars...




bake. {individual cakes for a picnic, they were a hit}

I was so taken by that deep red color, definitely inspired some pieces in my fall line...stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday.



  1. how did you do the individual cakes? just bake in the jar? are they brownies? or cake? i want to do this! and soon!
    love, patty

  2. Patty - yes! just bake right in them, pretty sure they can handle pretty high oven temps. I have done individual cookies, then a big scoop of ice cream, or cakes (like above) then I topped with frosting and ganache, we ate them at an outdoor concert.