Scarf Tutorial and Sneak Peek...

I love scarves for many reasons - its the closest you can get to wearing a blanket and jammies out of the house while still dressing for success, they are a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe or update a plain jane jacket, they come in cashmere, and finally they'll go perfectly with your newest Lucia K. earrings, convinced yet?

How about a SUPER easy diy scarf?  I can hardly call this a tutorial.  This one is almost foolproof...super forgiving, I promise.

Here is what you need:

1. Scissors
2. Thread {that matches your fabric, or not}
3. Tape Measure

4. 3/4 yd fabric, for this scarf my fabric was 60" long - the fabric you choose will dictate how easy this project is...I went with a loose weave cashmere/cotton blend {seriously like a blanket!}, plaid {so you have a built in grid to follow and super cute for the season} and with a great selvege edge {so you don't have to hem}.  Bonus* if you live in Seattle, Nancy's Sewing Basket, which has the most luxurious fabrics, is having their 25% off anniversary sale!  They ship as well.

Measure to the middle, which should be 14 inches.

Cut lengthwise along one of those built in lines {don't worry if you aren't super straight, it all gets frayed later...}

You should have two very long strips, pin the end of one selvedged edge strip slightly on top of the end of the other strip's selvedged edge. {oh, I guess you need pins as well}

Simply sew together using a long straight stitch leaving a little bit, about 1/4 inch, open at each end so you can fray it later.

Now, you just need to sew a long straight stitch down each side of your super long scarf, about 1/4 inch in from the edge, so you leave room for fraying {and your stitch doesn't have to be perfectly straight}.

Time to fray, this is why you left 1/4 inch along each side, this will allow you to fray some, but it will stop once you get to the stitching, so we don't unravel the whole scarf.  SO start pulling the strings...

Keep fraying...

Now you have a very long scarf, frayed on each long side, and a lovely selvedged edge at each end -correct?  Time to add some personality to this extra long scarf.  Measure in about 3 inches or so {just look for a good grid line to follow}.  This is where you are going to begin your long straight stitch {I'm sounding pretty redundant aren't I?}.  Only this time we are going to pinch and gather with our fingers, creating pin tucks along the way...

Just pinch

and tuck underneath as you sew, every few inches or so, no need for exact, just get in a good rythm.

Go down one side and then back down the other (tucks will be in the opposite direction.

So, that's it.  Do you like?  I was on my own today, that is the reason for the self portrait camera angle...

This is my go-to way to wear a scarf, short or long; fold in half, but with one side slightly longer than the other

Then wrap around your neck and pull the two ends through the loop

and adjust a tiny bit sideways

Ta da!  and I'm out the door wearing my blanket...

and while you're here, look at my new earrings, what do you think?  We are in love with big earrings this fall, all coming the end of this month...

Happy Wednesday.



  1. love the earrings WITH the scarf!

  2. yay. love it. i have 3 million scarves but apparently need one more. and i LOVE the earrings!

  3. i made 2 this week. but i didn't have time to go to the fabric store, and when i was at target, they had a few of scarves in that material so i bought them. since they were "already made," once i sewed them up, they were a lot shorter, but still super cute for tucking inside a coat collar or with jeans and a t or something. can't wait for it to be cold enough to pull it off!