Wouldn't this be a lovely way to start the week...

How about some Monday morning inspiration,  and I feel its only appropriate to celebrate New York City.

I'd definitely wake up at the Plaza Hotel

in this gorgeous bed perhaps,  LOVE the velvet upholstery with gilded trim, and the woodwork detail on the walls, and that bench, ay.

and my room would definitely have a bathroom like this, bath?  yes please!

then a pumpkin spice latte, because, yes folks,  they have arrived!! {at least in Seattle so probably New York too.}

{via Starbucks}

and a trip to the Magnolia Bakery, because its peanut butter month of course, for a peanut butter chocolate brownie {Oh how I wish they delivered!}

{via Magnolia Bakery}

and then a stroll through Central Park.  Where we all would, as one wise friend of mine said, "look everyone in the eye and smile with them."  because you can't crush our spirit.

then maybe some shoe shopping...

Happy Monday.


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