Thrift Store Find

I am so over-the-moon excited about my recent find a the thrift store.  I spotted it wedged between two bookshelves...

My vision for this treasure was to use the frame for a chalkboard that I could use in my office and at shows.  So a little bit of chalkboard paint {I prefer the brush on vs. the spray on}...


...painted on some plywood.  {3 coats, sanded in between with a lightweight sandpaper, gives the best finish.}

and voila!

Doesn't Ali have the BEST handwriting.  We used one of these chalkboard markers to write on the board.  

For now, in my office, I have the chalkboard propped up on a chair, I haven't quite committed to where I want it on the wall, lathe and plaster walls are not forgiving.  

Of course I would LOVE to score an old slate chalkboard some day, then maybe I will turn this into a mirror or something, oh the possibilites!  

Happy Wednesday.


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