Taking a break...

What do you do to rejuvenate yourself?

Besides a glorious day at the spa {if only} and deep breathing {seriously key to my daily survival}, I love to do craft - dare I say "home ec" {do they still even teach that subject??} - projects {I know big surprise} to get all my "re's"...refresh, rejuvenate, regain perspective, remind myself of all my blessings.  And one that has ZERO to do with jewelry, please!

Making Jam

I love anything that takes me home, and anything that involves mason jars.  So when my mother in law {whom I adore and who also enjoys canning, lucky me!} called and said the Shuksan strawberries were at the peak of their season, I was all over it.  Do you know these strawberries?

They are amazing, taste just like a strawberry should, and a gorgeous deep red all the way through.

The jam turned out delicious, so much better than the store bought variety, plus they are in cute mason jars.

Now my jars are very plain, no need to decorate since they are gobbled up almost before the lids have sealed, but oh! the possibilities...So, your turn, here are some great resources to get your canning juices flowing...

{free labels via Black Eiffel}

{free labels via Sweet Preservation}

{free labels and a tutorial via Jones Design Company}

Or perhaps a cookbook for modern canning, becoming so very "in" -  love it!

{via Amazon}

If canning is not your thing, well perhaps just some great ways to use those beloved mason jars...




bake. {individual cakes for a picnic, they were a hit}

I was so taken by that deep red color, definitely inspired some pieces in my fall line...stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday.



Rise and Shine

Good Morning, hoping you all have a productive and safe week ahead.

Here is a lovely website that is now featuring Lucia K. pieces.  All products that Kate chooses for her sight are handmade, with great attention to detail and style and we are honored to be a part of her collection!


Happy Monday.



Kickoff Winner...{and Papermoss!}

Good Morning! So much great stuff today to wake up to,

First without any more delay, here is this week's winner of a pair of Tag earrings, loving her outfit inspiration using our Nora Necklace...

Congratulations Stephanie!  Email me your outfit ideas and you could be the next weeks kickoff promotion winner!  And you will automatically get 25% off!

Now, so excited to share with you one of our favorite blogs and today they are talking Lucia K...

Head on over and check out their very stylish and adorable blog.

Happy Friday.



things that inspire us...

a good breakfast

in a "real life" comfy setting...

with a good view of sunrise...full of colors to inspire new jewelry...

followed by a little outdoor activity to waken the senses

and a warm drink full of caffeine to keep us focused...

Inspired yet???
or if you're like me you're thinking, "more like... inspired to take a horseback riding, muffin baking, sunrise watching, latte drinking vacation to the mountains of Colorado."

. . . . .

or maybe you're just still thinking about that one piece of jewelry you were eyeing all night in between spa treatments at the Crave show here in Seattle, it's still not too late to purchase...and while you're at it, come check out what else we have.

Keep checking back, because we're currently creating the perfect accents for your fall look!

Ali for Lucia K.


Lovely way to start the day...

Wouldn't this be a lovely way to start this Monday...

because I am loving that blueberries are finally in season

and Completely Craving madeleines after reading this article, and no longer afraid of failure, will definitely be making these as soon as I get a hold of a madeleine pan, and some free time...

{via Martha Stewart Sept "11 issue}

lets eat these while watching this sunrise over Provence France {of course!}

{via Betterphoto.com}

while snuggled up on this hammock, because I imagine sunrises to have a chill in the air...

then off to have my toenails painted this color ...

{via butter LONDON}
because they are dreadfully passed needing a pedicure and I have a crazy week ahead finishing up for a fabulous show Crave, {do you know it??} and well my toes should be done and well they keep getting pushed lower and lower on the list.  

Instead my day is starting off with email difficulties {its still not fixed so please contact us via our facebook page

Oh, and please check out our kickoff promotion - and enter {just don't email us your entry today ;)}

Happy Monday.



Sneak Peek {& email technical issues}

Ugh, we are having technical difficulties with our email, so the winner of this weeks kickoff promotion is delayed.  If you have emailed Lucia K this week, it probably never made it, hope hope hope to have it fixed asap.  If you need to contact us, please send us a message via our facebook page.  thank you.

In the meantime,

Working on a piece for a late August wedding...lots of vintage golds, pinks, and glitz, LOVING IT!  This bride has great style.  Think I need this bracelet for myself too...

...looking for that perfect wedding jewelry and haven't found it, lets talk.

Happy Saturday.



Photoshoot {part two}

As promised, here is a second installment of the photoshoot we did recently...

{Juliette Prehnite Earring}

{Francine Necklace}

{Ginger Necklace and Small Copper Tag Earring}

{Juliette Earring}

{Copper Tag Earring and Francine Necklace}

{Silver Tag Earring and Faye Collection Necklaces}

{Nora Necklace}

{Maybelle Earring}

Aren't they great?  Thank you again to my super wonderful models and Josh Durias Photography

I will announce this weeks kickoff promotion winner tomorrow {did you see all the fun Tag Earring shots? will you be the next winner?  Have you entered?}

Happy Friday.



Summer Photo Shoot {part 1}

A few weeks ago I posted this picture from a photo shoot we did recently in Seattle...
...not only did we get to shoot from an amazing spot overlooking gorgeous Seattle, the weather cooperated, the models were stunning and Josh, our photographer so easy to work with and captured some amazing shots - it all just came together.  

Here are some of the pictures...
{Patricia Necklace}

{Constance Necklace}
{Constance Necklace}

{Caroline Necklace}
{Caroline Necklace}

{Estelle Necklace}

{Nora and Vivian Bracelets}

{Estelle Earring}

{Vivian Necklaces}

{Vivian Necklaces}

{Vivian Necklaces}

There are so many more, but I don't want to give you picture overload, so I will save for another post.

Do you love these pieces?  Wouldn't they be a great addition to your wardrobe?  Of course, I think so. So, if you just gotta have them, check out the Kickoff Promotion, and get them for 25% off, just a little treat.

Photography by Josh Durias Photography

Happy Tuesday.



Kickoff Winner...

Congratulations to Shelley! She is our kickoff promotion winner this week!  

What a great way to style up a sleek black shirt, with the Estelle Necklace ...

Want to get 30% off www.luciakjewelry.com and a chance to win a free pair of Tag Earrings, enter Lucia K.'s kickoff promotion

Happy Friday.