a little warmth {a wedding highlight}

Even though the temps are dropping...we're trying our best over here at Lucia K to keep summer {and warmth} on our minds. We have friends and they have friends that are planning summer weddings, so what better timing to offer a little summer romance inspiration {Lucia K. style} for those of you coming down off the highs of getting engaged?!

Shauna and Travis got married on a warm August day in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Shauna has great style and remarkable attention to detail that made their day packed full of fun and sentimental touches. When it came to jewelry, we wanted to compliment the details and enhance her beauty. She was in search of something romantic, vintage inspired, and warm. This is where we landed.

For the bridesmaids we paired two original pieces with a pink stretch bracelet that Shauna spotted at The Limited. I (Ali) had the joy of being at this wedding and got to see the bridesmaids open their little linen bags and gush over their bracelets {a true delight}. It was a gorgeously sunny day, so the the light hit the crystals we choose for Shauna's earrings really perfectly. Shauna was a very flexible and trusting bride to work with, we were so pleased that the jewelry was just what she had hoped for.

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* Photos courtesy of Emily Steffen Photography