notice the new tab on the top of our blog "#myluciakstyle".  its sooooo fun to get pics of women wearing Lucia K. jewelry, I LOVE it!   seriously it is such a huge compliment to me when I see people wearing Lucia K.

so a friend of mine came up with a great way to share and #myluciaksyle was born.  

send your pics and tag them to be part of the party...facebook...twitter...blog...instagram oh my {details at the bottom of the post}.

here's a few, we will add more from our stash as we go.

{Kimbra celebrating her birthday in Estelle, cheers!}

{Faye Knotted Ball Necklace out on the town in San Fran}

{Faye Knotted Chain in San Fran}

 {Tag Vintage Bracelet smartly layered}

{Monica ready for the office, and spring, in Caroline and pink}

please keep sharing your styling pictures with us!

{email us} easy!
{twitter} put @luciakjewelry or #myluciakstyle in your tweet.
{pinterest} add #myluciakstyle in the description of your pin.
{facebook} @luciakjewelry like us and tag us in your picture.
{instragram} add #myluciakstyle in the caption of your photo.

phew.  any other forms of social media I have forgotten??

happy wednesday.


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