quick beauty boosts {eyebrow sugaring}

I feel like there are lots of little tricks/tips/routines that can boost the way we look and feel but don't have to break the bank or be completely unrealistic to adapt into our daily lives.  

well the obvious, of course - jewelry, a great pair of basic earrings will perk up even sweats, take focus away from bad hair days, help you stand taller, feel better, etc. etc. I could go on and on.

second, well groomed brows!  brows are the frame for your face, they give your eyes so much more definition and oompf.  this one goes a long way in my opinion with relatively little effort, time, or money.  I'm not talking skinny wimpy brows either, don't over do it.  this is a great guide for the hows, whats, and what nots of brow shaping, especially step 7.

do you already know this?  

if you do, there are a few camps you belong in right?... tweeze, wax, thread, or sugar {maybe others?}.  I'm in the tweeze camp, my one experience with waxing long ago went quite wrong, and I've always been fascinated by threading {have you ever watched it done, pretty amazing acrobat} but never have tried it.

then I heard of sugaring, which only sticks to hair and dead skin cells, not live skin.  so its much less irritating and bonus, it exfoliates.

recently I was able to check out Sugar Sugar, a sugaring and organic skin care boutique, and had my brows sugared for the first time by Alyssa.

{the walls at this place were painted the best shade of bluish gray, not dull at all though, I need to find out the name of this color.}

I learned that sugaring is sort of similar to waxing in technique, but it is molded to your skin and pulls with the grains of hair = little less painful and less chance of irritation and ingrown hairs, and the sugar substance is pleasantly warm, not hot.  just 3 ingredients - sugar, lemon juice, and water, are cooked to a taffy like consistency.  how fun is that?  there are no other chemicals or preservatives added to the mix.  apparently this dates back to the egyptians.

I stopped tweezing for a couple weeks prior, so sugaring could really grab the hairs.  here is my before and after shots.  can you tell the difference?  kind of hard with my self portraits to see how much cleaner/smoother the shape of my brow is now.  also, there was very little redness afterwards, I was quite surprised.  this will definitely save me time in my morning routine and help me to maintain the shape on my own quite easily.  they put this lovely lavender tonic on the sugared spots and away I went.  I will definitely go back again. 

now to finish it off the topic of eyebrows- these are the two items I swear by and LOVE in my makeup bag, the best eyebrow pencil, with a built in brush on one end and a smooth pencil in just the right shade on the other.  now that my brows are the right shape, they still need filled in and defined ever so slightly.

and the eyebrow highlighter, I really love this one, put it just under your eyebrow line, and in the corner of your eyes, and under your bottom eyelashes, blend.  bright eyed and ready for the day.  you will at least look like you got a full 8 hours even if you did not.  it rocks.  

there is a matte side and a shimmery side, depending on your mood.  

now go forth with groomed eyebrows and give sugaring a try if you are in the mood.

happy monday.  


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