they were my mom's.

I don't have a lot of items that belonged to my mom from her younger years.  between her ocd need for a clean house and the few times we moved, her motto was definitely out with the old and in with the new-to-us.

my grandma and my aunt, her mom and sister, are great for stories of my mom's childhood.  but "the younger years" of her being a wife, and a mom of two young children, that I couldn't relate to as a college student so never bothered to ask, knowledge of that time, is what I long to ask her now.  so much about that daily life of hers, the silly mom questions that only she would really know the answer, or at least the answers I so wish to hear, are missed.  so I cling to the few items I have.

her wedding ring.  I wear it most days, I have her hands, and sometimes I look down and I see her hands.  I know that memory.

a pair of old levi cut-offs, pretty dang close to daisy dukes, so they don't get a lot of wear.  obviously post baby weight was not her issue.

a fun vintage seventies looking scarf, that I wear far too often to style my unwashed hair.

a pair of broken earrings.

these earrings hang in a clear bag on my inspiration board in my work area.  my mom has been gone for 11 years tomorrow, and long before Lkj came to be, I have been designing and creating jewelry.  yet these earrings still remain unwearable.  I have tried a couple of times to finish them, but nothing seems right, not how I want them to be.  they intimidate me.  and the possibility of losing one while wearing them is unbearable, yet I wear her wedding ring daily.  grief is strange like that.

still, they hang on my board as a sign of Hope, that I will get there, and possibly even wear them one day.  and a sign of her Strength and Legacy that is inside of me, and they are a part of me, of my story.  so for now, I just look at them and wonder about the woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, who once wore them.

and I ache for her.

thanks for letting me share,