what i wore

still waiting for that summer weather to head to Seattle, so working with layers in this one...

tank top - oldie from Banana Republic
sweater - Anthopologie {just got on sale yippee!}
jeans - Joe's jeans jeggings
boots - Frye
earrings - Lucia K. chevron {I know hopefully they will be up on the website this week??}
bracelets - the current combo du jour Lucia K. monogram "r' and "p" and vintage tag and the leather one {again soon!}

an outfit for a day out scouting new supplies...the leather store, couple fave vintage shops...

shirt - Anthropologie
jeans - Hudson Ferris Flare, Nordstrom Rack
shoes - 80%20, Karmaloop.com
necklace - Lucia K. Ginger {no longer available on our site, but a few left on endless.com}

I did manage to paint my toes orange, one of my favorite colors for the season.  My son's tball team is orange, bonus is that he thought I did it just for him.  he also told me he could NOT hear me cheering at the game and I needed to be louder.  um, cheer louder, absolutely.  here I thought he would be embarrassed by it, wonder how long he will love my cheering?  well I will continue for as long as he allows.  he was stoked, I was stoked.

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Happy Wednesday.



  1. you were too quiet at a tball game? i can't imagine...

  2. patty - i know right? I TOTALLY toned it down for the game compared to home, and well that just wasn't acceptable in my 3 yr olds eyes. the best thing he could tell me ;)

  3. Love both these looks. Adore the sweater in the first and absolutely loving the shirt in the second.