a very special day.

I was given the honor of making the cake for my husband's grandma's 87th birthday.

my rules for cake are this, first - taste. second - presentation.  soooo I usually stick to the rustic kind, think mason jars, fresh fruit, homemade whip, overabundance of chocolate.  rustic, homemade, organic - all of these words make imperfections sound purposeful right?

but this moment called for more than a mason jar or a cupcake.  thought I would give a layered cake a try.  the other requirement was for it to be german chocolate.  also a first.

few things I learned
1.  there is a reason you have to let the cake, and all components, cool.  but you have to be patient and have the time, neither did I have.  so note the lovely bulges as my cake started to melt ever so slightly.

2.  if said attempt isn't fantastic, distract distract with decor.

rolled roses {from this amazing hand dyed silk ribbon, the hues and patterns - so beautiful!} mixed with some jute and accordion organza and dupioni silk.

some peonies, ladies mantle and hosta leaves are also helpful.

how does this lady not deserve the best?  what a legacy she has created over the last 87 years.

but I think I should stick to my mason jars.  and making jewelry.  her birthday gift...

happy thursday.


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