what i wore {post 4th & thanks VP}

its definitely becoming summertime here, all of my outfits are much more casual lately.  this is as dressed up as I have gotten in the last week.

outfit #1 - wore to what was supposed to be a pedicure and shopping date with my sister in law.  who knew at the same time Mr Vice President {of the USA} would be closing down the freeway we needed to drive on.  and us having no idea.  ugh.  fast forward over 90 minutes later and back we landed two blocks from home for drinks and dessert.  evening salvaged.  at least we got some quality girltime if not cute manicured toes.  {and yes I had flip flops in my bag for post pedi toes, had that actually occurred.}

this shirt was a random score from Cost Plus World Market.  did you know they have clothes there?  they have great shirts, dresses, and scarves at great prices.  especially with the ikat, tribal, flowy trends that are showing up right now.  I love the batwing sleeves and blousy breezy feel of this shirt without adding bulk.  and the lace detail along the sleeves always gets me.

oh look at that serious face right?!  but you can actually see my earrings in this picture so here you are...

also, my bracelet, so I introduced this color combo in the fall with its gold and copper tones, but man am I loving it with bronzy skin.  picture it with denim, white top, great sandals.  totally digging it year round.  **in fact I'm loving it so much for summer - check back friday for a flash sale**

batwing shirt - Cost Plus World Market 
shorts - Seven for all Mankind A Jeans cut into shorts.
shoes - Frye, endless.com
earrings - Lucia K. Jessica
bracelet - Lucia K. Nora 

outfit #2 -  a ferry trip with my younger cousin who has been visiting from Montana.  it turned out to be the most beautiful day for a trip on the puget sound.  we had such a fun visit with her.  look at that blue sky and blue water.  

this also happened to be the day after the 4th of July, which we actually went for it and stayed up for the most amazing firework show.  this meant thursday morning came too quickly, this hat does double duty to hide unwashed hair and sun protection.  yay fedora!

tank - H&M
jeans - Vioss, Nordstrom Rack
hat - H&M
earrings - Lucia K. Tag

also we are linking up with Pleated Poppy today for what i wore.

fireworks over Lake Union in Seattle.  one of my very favorite events in Seattle.  pre-kids we never missed it.  now sharing this with my family and seeing the delight on Tyann, Riese, and Peyton's faces as they experienced this for the first time.  awesome.   Riese said "they look like sea urchins coming at us!!" 

{last year I watched the top half of this show out my bathroom window while everyone else slept.  huge improvement.}  

Happiest Birthday America!

and happiest wednesday to you.



  1. That top from World Market is so cute! The one here closed a few years ago, total bummer!

    1. Andi - bummer! do you ever shop online? I haven't since the store is close by, but it's tempting...

  2. Cute tops! I used to live in DC so I totally got used to the President or other dignitaries shutting down roads :)

    Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday

    1. Melaina25 - thanks! I was totally wondering that, so they really shut down the roads in DC every time? that has got to be almost daily! you probably get good at the backroads, or taking the train??

  3. love both tops and the hat in the last pic! :)


  4. just found your blog through pleated poppy wiww. looooove your style. so simple and real and natural and beautiful. can't hardly stand moms who obviously put looking good first and THEN take care of their kids on the side, all while trying to still be sexy or something. Love the effortless look of beauty and realness and being a momma as well that you pull off.

    p.s. love the names of your bracelet and earrings in the first outfit pic...I'm Jessica and I'm due with our second daughter Nora in a week or so:)