what i wore {a forgotten outfit}

not a lot of activity on the blog as of late, been a busy couple of weeks.  but please be patient, we have lots of great stuff to share when things settle down...

this one is a little late coming to the party.  was actually from the week prior.   luckily I found it though, no time this week to snap some shots.  I have been spending every spare minute finalizing Fall '12 to meet with my retailers on friday.  fingers crossed.

outfit is from a casual mommy day.  I love maxi skirts, I think I'm up to 4 of them and a couple long dresses.  perfect for summer, you can bend over and not flash unsuspecting victims, you can stay cool and look summery and put together, even if you didn't shave your legs {never!}.  and they are so comfortable.

tanktop - roxy {old}
maxi skirt - Gap {actually was a dress that I cut the top off of.}
sandals - rainbow
earrings - Lucia K. Tag
bracelet - Lucia K. Vintage Tag
{linking up with Pleated Poppy today for what i wore.}

I look forward to sharing with you the new "Indian Summer" collection very soon.  promise!  in the meantime, check out my instagram feed {on the right}, and follow me, @luciakjewelry, for some #lkjfallpreview.

Happy Wednesday.


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