what i wore {rent!}

rent!  rent!  rent!  rent!    rent!          rent!                    rent!                      RENT!

i got to take my sis-n-law and mom-n-law to see Rent.  neither of them had seen it before.  it is one of my favorite musicals.

we had pre-show drinks and happy hour at Palimino.  it was quite yummy, perfectly crisp waffle fries with a garlicky gorgonzola sauce all over them.  it was finger-licking.  my sis-n-law on the left in an original Lucia K. Francine necklace.

my boys reeeeeeally wanted to be in a picture.  

I just got this shirt at the Gap on the clearance rack.  was quite pleased with the price.  especially because I really like the shape, but not sure this color will be very flattering once that summer glow fades away.  so I could still justify it.

as soon as I saw this picture, I called my hairdresser and made an appointment to have my roots done.  true story.  

earrings are trusty true Lucia K. Taylor.  since I have them in every color {and stay tuned for new fall flavors}, they are always perfect for a night out no matter the outfit.  since my outfit was pretty neutral, I thought the red and gold gave my outfit a nice pop of color.  and some colored toes...

"ate berries in the canaries".  freshly pedicured toes.  had to document because its been quite some time since I've had a pedicure.  isn't the first thing you do when you pick up an OPI nail polish, is turn it over to read the name.  they are so inventive with their titles.  I think my all time favorite {classic color} might be "I'm not really a waitress." 

my little helpers again with their big little feet.

shirt - Gap
jeans - J Brand, Rue La La
bracelet - Lucia K. Nora
earrings - Lucia K. Taylor

so if you haven't seen Rent, and it comes to a theater near you {and probably will because they have now released the script meaning local productions are now possible.}  go see it!  and bring some tissue.

also linking up with Pleated Poppy for what i wore Wednesday.

happy wednesday.



  1. Love the outfit! My boys always want to get in on my pictures too.

  2. Erin - I know! I try not to let them into too many outfit pictures, but they are relentless. lets be honest, most of the pictures taken in this house are of them anyways. thanks!

  3. I love this look! It just looks so good. I especially love the earrings and the shoes. And that nail polish is gorgeous!