silly putty nostalgia {what i wore}

recently a very stylish friend of mine {who also happened to take these pictures} re-introduced me to Forever 21.  two strollers.  two kids.  lots of snacks, toys, iPhone.  a mid dressing room "I gotta go poddy!!" and an "actually we don't have any restrooms in this {3-story} store, you have to go acrossed the {downtown street} to Pacific Place." are you kidding me?! later, and it was a great experience.  we are talking a 5.99$ summer maxi dress.  and the 40$ quilted pleather love below...

there is a faint smell of something so nostalgic in this new jacket of mine.  finally I figured out.  it is silly putty.  although others have assured me I don't smell of the mystery material.  do you remember the stuff, how it bounces so well yet stretches yet picks up newsprint.  it is ever so slowly airing out.

all the black and gray in my outfit, I thought I needed these bright pink/fuchsia/orange sparkling swarovski gems to add some color.  I love how they change colors and sparkle when the light catches them.

dress - Anthropologie {super on sale, dang!}
scarf - H&M {old}
jacket - Forever 21}
shoes - Dolce Vita
belt - Meadow

linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday.

happy wednesday.



  1. I like how you paired the bright belt with the Anthro dress. Great choice!

  2. Just found your site :). Love your outfits and that you're a mom with style!
    Am VERY interested in your lovely HAIR! Looks much like mine...may I ask? Natural/curling iron? Sometimes I do a combo of both, though it is pretty curly w/out the curling iron. I'm always looking for someone having success with their curly hair!! (So I can swipe their beauty tips!) Love your new maxi dress!

    1. hey. thanks for the compliments. we've posted some stuff about curly hair on the blog actually...check it out here http://luciakjewelry.blogspot.com/search?q=curls

      hopefully you find it helpful!

  3. Kirsty- that dress is awesome!!!!! great score!

  4. that dress is spectacular. i love it!

    pay me a visit :)