week 20. half way there!

Half way there. It's hard to believe! July will be here before we know it. I'm doing my best to take advantage of my current energy levels and get cracking on the nursery and other baby prep things that need to happen around the house (like is a coffee table without corners a must?...if you have advice, please share). This first time parenting thing can be a bit (A LOT) daunting.

The husband planned an awesome night out for the two of us and found it a perfect excuse to wear a dress...a rarity. This dress is not maternity, so I'm sure as I keep growing outward it will have to become less dress and more shirt paired with skinnys.

dress: XXI . boots: frye knock-offs (target last year) . boot socks: smartwool . necklace: blake 

I must talk about blake, my favorite necklace from the new line. I think the best jewelry is versatile (can be worn with a lot, compliments your style, makes a statement without stealing the show, and adds interest to what might be an otherwise "typical" outfit.) Blake is versatile. I love it. 

care to share what your "go-to" lkj pieces are OR might be (if you haven't yet splurged on any)??

we're almost to spring, can you believe it?!

ali for lucia k.

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  1. When is your due date? You are me, a year ago! I just had my little girl in July!
    Our oldest is 3 and we never had any major accidents with corners/dangerous things. She has always been very balanced and careful and steady at what she does. Someone told me to teach your kids according to what's in your house, not "baby-proof" everything and I really like that idea and it worked for us. Obviously this excludes dangerous things like knives/toxic stuff where they can reach/curling irons at reaching distance-obvs stuff!