week 18. sunshine in the southwest.

This week I was in Southwest Colorado celebrating our wedding anniversary in the same ski town we got married in. For the last couple years, we've been fortunate enough to come back to this special place and celebrate with close friends and family. It was great to be with some of the people I love the most in one of my favorite places...despite the fact that the majority of us (6 of 10) came down with the nasty flu! 

The days in Durango were filled with sunshine, blue skies, and snowcapped mountains. It was challenging to pack this time around, being pregnant and all. I only have one pair of maternity jeans that fit well, so the majority of this vacation you'd catch me in leggings (thankfully in style) or sweats. I'm still holding out as long as possible in my "regular" clothes before I succumb to the necessity of all things "maternity wear."

shirt: XXI (old) . tank: h&m (old) . leggings . headband (vacation souvenir) . earrings

Disclaimer: I'm actually wearing the best slippers ever in this picture but didn't want to make my sweet husband re-shoot (as he was one of the sick ones)... if you love all things outdoorsy but still want to look like a woman, check out smartwool (I pretty much love all the things they make). 

If you're not sure about everyday earrings definitely check out Lucia K. Tag earrings. They are a great 'starter' pair of earrings that go with everything from leggings to a little black dress. 

until next week.

Ali {for Lucia K.}

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